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RGB Air-Cooled Rectifiers

Air cooling provides
No forced draught fans
Silent operation
Easy access to all components
Reliability and low maintenance
Special Features
Low ripple D.C. over the full operating range.
Designed for reliable service and continuous duty.
Economic operation by virtue of high efficiency.
In-house fabrication facilitates special designs to suit individual requirements.
Oil cooling of the regulating transformer is an added protection against corrosion.
Regulating transformer, mains transformer, silicon-stack, shunt, copper bus-bar connection etc. are all mounted on a sturdy steel frame within the rectifier cabinet.
Meters and controls together are fitted in the door(s) of the cabinet, or, when required, in a separated remote control cabinet.
Regulating transformers are for D.C. outputs above 500 Amps are oil-cooled. Below 500 Amps they are air cooled - but for corrosive atmospheres, oil cooling is an available option.
Good air circulation through the silicon stack, mains transformer, and other components is achieved by an open base, canopy top, cabinet design.
Bus-bar terminations for all but the smallest rectifiers pass through insulated supports positioned in the top, base, or rear, to suit individual requirements.
The rectifiers are suitable for crane and fork-lift transport.
Cabinet protection is to IP 21 as standard, other protection specifications are available.
All exterior steelwork is finished with protective multi-layer coatings in a choice of colour :grey (RAL 7032), green (RAL6011), blue (RAL5009), or other colours as required.
A.C. Input
3x380V or 3x415V +/- 5% 50Hz, or as required
Mains contactor fitted
Meters and controls
Moving coil ammeters and voltmeters (digital meters optional extras)
Power ON signal lamp
ON/OFF, RAISE LOWER buttons or switches
Protection features
Mains and control circuit fuses
Electronic current overload
Oil over-temperature cutout
Silicon stack surge suppression
Phase failure protection fitted for 20 KW and above
Standard rectifiers are suitable for continuous duty up to 35 degrees C provided the rectifier is sited to allow free air circulation at maximum heights 1000 M above sea level.  Non standard rectifiers are available for higher ambient temperatures and tropical conditions.
Standard rectifiers: circa 5% over the full range of operation
Output control
0-100% continuously variable stepless control by (a) handwheel or knob  (b) by geared motor with meters and controls loose or alternatively in a remote cabinet.  Additional controls available include process timers, ampere hour/minute meters, polarity reversers etc.
By constant voltage or current controllers
By integrated microrocessor
Or connection to an external microprocessor, computer or PLC
Air cooled silicon rectifiers are available with thyristor control in place of regulating transformer control.  Ripple will then vary with the selected output but may be optionally smoothed.  Unsmoothed thyristor controlled units have the same dimensions as units with regulating transformer control.

In the interest of technical advancement, this general specification is subject to change.