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Gilbeyco filter and pump spares, page 3

Spare parts for Gilbeyco MAXAREA filter pump models 0310M, and 0930M (with top outlet). Most of these parts are common across the range of Gilbeyco filter units, so the part you're looking for may be in this list , even if this isn't your model of pump.

FA010M   Magnetic Pump & Motor (0310M)
FA011T   Mag.Pump & Motor (0620M,0930M)
FA025A   Connecting pipe for 25mm bore hose
FA025B   Pump outlet adaptor for 25mm bore hose
FA025C   25mm bore hose connector + 2 ss clips
FA025D   Connecting pipe for 1" thread
FA026   1" BSP S.S. Nut
FA042   Filter House - 0310,Rubber Lined Steel
FA046   Dome Nut + Washer, SS.
FA047A   Filter Lid With Pressure Gauge Hole
FA047M   Membrane for Pressure Gauge
FA047FM   Fixture for gauge membrane
FA047PGA   Pressure Gauge Adaptor
FA047PG   Pressure Gauge
FA049   Filter Outlet Block
FA050   Ring nut for Outlet Block
FA051   Centre Column for D0310
FA055   Polypropylene Filter Disc
FA061   Fixing Set per Eye Bolt,SS.
FA062   Eye Bolt,Stainless Steel-0310/0620/0930
FA063   Washer for Filter Lid Clampnut,PVDF
FA064   Clamp Nut for Filter Lid
FA069   SS Base Assembly with wheels,Pillars & Rubber Packing
FA072   Rubber Packing for Stainless Steel Filter Base
FA081   Polyprop Filter House + S.S.Rings + fittings for 0310
FA081B   Polyprop Filter House + SS Clamp Rings + fittings 0930